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House Rules to consider

When hosting people in your house it is very important to establish rules in advance. In fact, these rules will form the basis for your agreement with your prospective tenant(s). Tenants will have to agree to your house rules before they can transfer funds to your account, so make sure you are explicit and thorough when creating your rules. Leave nothing to interpretation but keep it simple.


Below are some rule categories and questions to consider for each.


Is smoking permitted, and if so, where?


Are tenants allowed to use your kitchen? If so, when and how often? Can they keep food in your fridge?

Eating areas

Can people eat in all areas of the home or are there designated spots?

Cleaning procedures

Where does trash go?  Procedure for cleaning the dishes?

Extra guests

Are visitors or extra guests allowed?  How many?  What are the procedures for approval, if any?

Off-limit areas

Where can guests not go?


Is it available? If so, how often and when can they use it?


Are they allowed?  Max size? Approval?


Is parking available? If so, where are tenants allowed to park?

Quiet hours

Are there any and when are they?  Consider your neighbors and follow what the norms are.


Are they allowed? If so, what size? 

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