SEESONEE Inc. is an online, private marketplace based in Muskoka, Ontario, Canada, where homeowners can find qualified tenants who have secured seasonal employment in their local community.


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Homeowners Wanted!

Homeowners are the heart and soul of every thriving community while the local businesses and their employees are the driving force behind it's success.

By participating in the SEESONEE private marketplace, in addition to earning extra income, you are also providing an important service to your community. Local businesses can't thrive without the ability to find adequate and affordable housing for their employees and who may even make a new friend.

DON'T WORRY! We have you covered. There are many benefits to listing a room with are a few.

1. Because you'll be listing you're home in a Private Marketplace, you're house will never be viewed by the general public; only employer-backed tenants can create a profile and see your listing.

2. Seesonee is partnered with Duuo insurance which offers extensive coverage. Click here to view a summary.


Contact Us to find out if you qualify for a REBATE on your insurance premium.

3. Tenants are bound by your code of conduct and can be evicted if they don't behave appropriately in your home.

4. By hosting a Seesonee in your home and supporting your community you will become part of an exclusive group of citizens with special benefits (stay tuned).

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